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Nazarene Bible College



Sad and Yet Inspiring Day on Campus

Tow trucks arriving for Allen Rose's funeral

This morning started with an email from Mike Arrambide our VP for Finance. He was writing to remind us that the funeral for Allen Rose was going to take place at 11 am today at Springs First Church of the Nazarene, which is right next-door. Allen Rose was killed a few days back while merely doing his job as a tow truck driver. Allen was married with two young children and also an honored veteran. So, that was the terribly sad part that has impacted so many.

Tow trucks arriving for Allen Rose's funeral

What was inspiring, was watching all Allen's fellow tow truck drivers arrive for his funeral. Truck after truck showed up and pulled into the only area around that could possibly hold them all . . . the large open field between Springs First and Nazarene Bible College. Row after row was filled with tow trucks from all over the state and likely beyond. In a Colorado Springs Gazette article today, the headline included the phrase, "we're a family" and that is exactly what it was like. Not too unlike our very own NBC family.

For those of us on campus, and I would think the surrounding area, the sea of machinery was an impressive sight and it reminded me of how the family of God comes together in support at times like these. It also reminded me of just how blessed we all are. Please keep Renee Rose and her children in your thoughts and prays.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 03/01/2011

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