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NBC Prepares for Graduation

NBC Prepares for Graduation

With graduation around the corner, Nazarene Bible College is getting ready in a variety of ways. The gardens are being tended, fresh paint is being applied to the buildings, and the lawns are being mowed bringing the fresh cut grass smell back to campus. It definitely brings back memories of warm weather and sunshine giving those who work on campus a feeling of happiness and excitement for what's to come. Invitations are being prepared and sent out and guests are preparing travel arrangements for their journey ahead.

New merchandise has also just arrived at the NBC bookstore for graduates, alumni, students, and visitors who will be passing through. With a brand-new look and design, there are several colors and styles to please just about anyone. In addition to the alumni hoodies that were brought in last year, there are now alumni t-shirts being sold for those who want to proudly show off their Alma Mater all year round instead of just during colder weather.

NBC Prepares for Graduation

Winter has finally gone and warmer weather is slowly becoming the norm again in Colorado Springs. The vibe around campus is energetic as it's easy to feel that this is going to be a year to remember. So many great things are about to take place and the staff is anxious for the outcome. One of NBC's rare accreditation visit's is almost here which with fingers crossed, will give us continued accreditation for many of our amazing Christian education programs. Finally, the 2011 Commencement will come and go but it will always bring smiles to our faces when we can send out capable ministry leaders into the world to make their mark.

So today, we would like to bless our students and graduates and pray for safe travels for those who will be in attendance for this incredible accomplishment.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 05/20/2011

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