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Nazarene Bible College




College Chaplain

The College Chaplain ministers to the spiritual needs of students and their families. He serves as a minister of Christ to the NBC community, encouraging the spiritual growth and enrichment of the entire college family. Students are invited to contact him during any time of need. Student chaplains and Associated Student Government leaders assist the college chaplain in ministering to the NBC community.


Streaming video of the evening services is available online. This common experience of worship shared by students, faculty, and administration forms one of the abiding strengths of the Nazarene Bible College experience.

Chapel Attendance

Chapel attendance on campus and online provides opportunities for corporate worship and expressions of personal commitment. The inspiration, encouragement, exposition, intercession, and edification that are the fruit of the chapel service results in the renewal of the students' whole beings—mind, emotions, spirit, and body. In addition, the chapel services provide for practical, educational, and cultural growth. An individual's life can be enriched and experience broadened by exposure to a variety of pulpit styles, observing models or methods of performance, absorbing and recording sermon outlines, and exposure to the musical and visual arts.

Nazarene Bible College students are mature and responsible adults and clearly understand the opportunities described above. Consistent patterns established among ministers and Christian workers in training helps shape their spiritual qualifications, character, and manner of life, ultimately affecting the impact of the ministry assignments in which they serve. Therefore, systematic and faithful attendance is encouraged of all students at all chapel services.

All on campus student services are closed during chapel services. This includes the bookstore, Deli, library, and recreation room. Students who are present on campus for classes are encouraged to attend each service scheduled during that time.