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Nazarene Bible College




Commencement Procedures


Friday, May 26, immediately following Convocation rehearsal (6 pm). Meet in the sanctuary at Strickland Chapel.

Meeting Time/Place

All graduates are to be present for the Commencement on Sunday, May 28. Please meet in the Alumni Room at Williamson Hall to line up no later than 2 pm. The Commencement begins at 3 pm.


Use NBC Campus lots for overflow parking.


Infants through age five should be left in the nursery at Springs First Church of the Nazarene. The nursery will open at 1:30 pm. There is no charge, but please complete the Child Care Request form and return it to the Registrar's Office by May 15. Children not left in the nursery must be under adult supervision at all times. NBC is not responsible for any accidents or injuries as a result of unsupervised children.


Cap and gown. Tassels hang to the right until you are told to move them. See specific clothing notes on general information sheet.

Line of March

Form two lines according to proper seating arrangements practiced at rehearsal. Marshals will have the official chart for the line of march and will assist you in forming lines.


At 2:50 pm the marshals will lead the lines out of Williamson to the doors of Strickland Chapel, where you will take your place behind the faculty. Near 3 pm, follow the faculty into the foyer. At 3 pm, when the musicians begin "Pomp and Circumstance," the academic procession will begin. Both lines will march side by side, using the center aisle. The two lines of graduates will pause behind the last row of chairs in the sanctuary until the faculty is on the platform. Graduates will begin their march when the junior marshals indicate. Pace yourselves two rows of chairs apart as you walk.

The marshals will direct graduates to their respective rows. As the last one enters a row, the marshal will step toward the next row to be filled.

Graduates will remain standing for the invocation and the hymn. Men are to remove their caps for prayer but are to wear them for the rest of the exercise.

Receiving Diplomas

The Academic Dean will give instructions and separately present each group who will be receiving recognition or diplomas in the following order:

  1. Certificates in Christian Counseling, Ministry Preparation Program
  2. Associate Degrees
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Degrees: Pastoral Ministries, Christian Educational Ministries, Bible and Theology, Christian Counseling Ministries, Counseling for Christian Ministries, Christian School Education, Leadership and Ethics.

Each of the four groups listed above will be asked to stand separately and remain standing while President Harold Graves grants your diploma or confers your degree. You then will be directed to be seated while the next group stands. This procedure will be continued until each group has been recognized and honored. Listen for specific instructions for moving your tassels from the right to the left side.

Dr. Lyke will ask for the candidates to come forward to receive their diplomas. At this time, the junior marshal will direct students in the front row to stand. You will turn to the right and follow the marshal to the base of the steps. The line will move up the steps on the right of the platform and stop just short of the Registrar so you can hand him/her your card. When he/she reads your name, walk to President Graves who will hand your diploma to you with his left hand. Take it in your left hand; shake hands with your right hand. STOP AND LOOK TOWARD THE PHOTOGRAPHER. Continue to Dr. Lyke who will also shake hands with you as you pass by. Proceed to receive your "servant's towel" from the director of your program, who will place it over your right arm and shake your hand. STOP AND LOOK TOWARD THE PHOTOGRAPHER. Walk down the stairs at the opposite end of the platform, and wait behind the junior marshal until the row is complete. The marshal will then lead you back to your seats.

Walk in the row where you were sitting to your assigned seat. The marshal will signal for you to be seated as a group.

The marshal will direct subsequent rows to follow the same procedure.


When everyone stands for the closing hymn and benediction, the faculty and graduates will remain standing for the recessional. The audience will be seated after the benediction.

The faculty marshal will move to the podium while the president and academic dean lead the faculty down the center staircase and out the center aisle double-file. When the platform party reaches the center aisle, all graduates will turn and face that aisle. When the last person of the platform party reaches the last row of graduates, the marshals will direct that row to enter the aisle and follow the platform party double-file. Each succeeding row of graduates will follow the last person from the row behind them, ending with the front row.

The faculty will form an honor guard for the graduates at the back of the sanctuary. Graduates are to pass between the two lines of faculty, then through the tunnel into the foyer where you may greet your family and friends.


Your family and friends are welcome to take pictures without disturbing the ceremony or preventing others from enjoying the event. Instruct the person taking pictures for you to move to the designated area in the front of the sanctuary, left side. They should sit on the front row of chairs until you are second in line. They may move into position to take your picture as you receive your diploma, then move on to make room for others.

Doors will open at Strickland Chapel at 2 pm. No reserving of seats will be permitted. Ushers will be instructed to seat people in all chairs even if someone says they are "holding" seats for someone who is arriving later. Please inform your family and friends ahead of time.

Video photographers must use the area behind audience seating.


Your degree will be officially conferred at the end of the term in which your degree requirements are completed. After all financial obligations have been met, your diploma will be ordered and mailed to you. This takes approximately six weeks after the end of the term.

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