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Nazarene Bible College




General Information


WOMEN — dress or nice slacks and blouse.

MEN — white dress shirt and tie; dress slacks; suit coats are optional.

Please do not wear tennis shoes or flip flops.

Men are to remove their caps during prayers, but wear them for the remainder of the event.

NO FLOWERS or anything else should be worn on outside of gown.


TASSELS should be positioned to the right until the appropriate moment in the commencement.

Do not carry anything during the processional. Programs and name cards will be placed on your seat.

CHILDCARE provisions are listed on each event's procedure sheet. All children must be picked up 30 minutes following dismissal of each event. There is no charge for childcare. Please note that children not left in the nursery must be under adult supervision at all times.

LOST and FOUND will be at the college reception desk.

There will not be any place to store purses or valuables during the ceremonies.

Caps and Gowns

Students should order their cap and gown through Jostens prior to April 15th. Qualifying graduates may pick up honor cords from the Registrar to wear with their cap and gown. You will be notified if you qualify to graduate with honors. The receptionist in Sanders Administration building can direct students to the location of the Registrar's office. The Registrar will also be available during the Open House on Friday afternoon.


Your family and friends are welcome to take photos at all events. Graduates are requested not to carry or use a camera during the ceremonies. Please see additional information under each event's procedure sheet.


The commencement ceremony will be videotaped. Complimentary copies will be sent to each graduate.

Seating for Family and Friends

For commencement, doors will open at Strickland Chapel at 2 pm. No reserving of seats will be permitted. All of your family and guests should arrive at 2 pm in order to select their seats. Ushers will be instructed to seat people in all chairs even if someone says they are "holding" seats for someone who is arriving later. Please help us with this by informing your family and friends ahead of time.