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Nazarene Bible College




Torch Ceremony

All of the sidewalks of the Apostles Court are numbered in clock-like fashion. Sidewalk #6 can be identified because it is the longest inner-court walk and descends the outside bank in the form of a staircase. Like any sidewalk, these are sectioned off every 5 feet. Any reference to a section of the walk means this physical segment in the cement.

The person leading each group of graduates will stand at the top of the inner-walk he/she plans to descend, and persons in his/her group will line up clockwise on the highest circular walk of the court. This will allow every graduate to watch the preceding features of the program and be in place when it is time to move into position for the Torch Ceremony.

A specified number of graduates will be descending six odd-numbered walks at the beginning of the ceremony (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11). When the apostles have finished, the musical selection, "A Charge to Keep" will begin. As soon as the song begins, the apostles will return to their appointed seats while the first person in each line of graduates leads the group down the inner walkways, stopping at the bottom of the walk. One graduate should stand in each cement section of the walk behind the person in front of him/her (single file).

When all graduates are in place and the music has finished, a scripture reading on LIGHT will begin the torch ceremony. An alumnus will give the torch to the first person in walk #7. This person, stepping forward, will receive the torch, say brief words into the microphone (holding the torch high) and will then turn to the person behind, who will likewise step forward and receive the torch, following the same procedure.

After passing the torch to the person following you, you will ascend the vacant sidewalk to your left, now standing in the position in front of the people who preceded you, facing the center of the court. (Remember -one person will stand in each cement section). Example: This means that the first person out of walk #7 will ascend walk #8 and be farthest from the center of the court. The order in which you stand has simply been reversed.

As each participant moves forward to receive the torch the succeeding graduates in the walk will move forward one position in the walkway.

The last person in any walk will pass the torch to the first person in the next walk to the left. (We are moving clock-wise). Example: The last person in walk #7 will hand the torch to the first person in walk #9.

After all people in walk #9 have received the torch and ascended walk #10, the action will continue with graduates in walk #11. The process continues with graduates in walks numbered 1, 3, and 5. The last person in walk #5 will hand the torch to a freshman and take his/her respective place in walk #6.

At this point graduates are standing in even numbered walks (2,4,6,8,10,12). While you remain stationary, one song will be sung, followed by brief announcements, the benediction, and dismissal. There will be NO RECESSIONAL.