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Nazarene Bible College


Open Position

There is an open position at Nazarene Bible College.

Current Job Listing

News and Events

2014 Commencement Weekend Schedule

The schedule is posted on the NBC website at Local…

Communicator Posted Mon Apr. 14

Nazarene Bible College Visiting Events Near You

This summer President Graves, Dr. David Church, Dr. Alan Lyke, and Dr. Laurel Matson will…

Communicator Posted Mon Apr. 14

Student Development

Here are some important dates to put on your calendar. If you have questions, contact…

Communicator Posted Fri Mar. 28

Nazarene Bible College on KRDO Radio/TV

Last week NBC was in the news in Colorado Springs. It was a great opportunity for the…

Communicator Posted Fri Mar. 28

Ordering Transcripts

This is a reminder that if you need to have official transcripts sent to your district…

Communicator Posted Thu Apr. 03

NBC Grads Serve in Many Forms of Ministry

Recently, Liz Wiggins was a 2010 graduate of NBC's Christian Counseling program.

Blog Posted Fri Mar. 21

Rev. Norman Moore NBC Preacher of 2014

Rev. Norman Moore, Evangelist in the Church of the Nazarene is the NBC Preacher of…

Blog Posted Mon Feb. 03