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Nazarene Bible College


Associate of Arts in General Studies

Associate of Arts in General Studies


The Associate of Arts degree in General Studies (A.A.G.S.) with a concentration in general studies is a 60-semester-hour campus-based program designed for juniors, seniors, and recent high school graduates who intend to complete a bachelor's degree from a Christian liberal arts college or university and who desire to fulfill many, if not most, of the general education requirements for that degree through the associate's option.

Associate of Arts

Degree Requirements

All associate programs at Nazarene Bible College contain the following degree requirements:

  1. Completion of 60 semester hours of credit spread among the following five themes:
    • Foundations of Learning
    • The Human Aesthetic Experience
    • The Physical World Experience
    • The Human Social Experience
    • The Human Spiritual Experience
  2. A cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 (on a 4.0 basis).


Completion of this program should enable students to:

  • Demonstrate effective communication skills in written and spoken English. (Themes I and II)
  • Develop an understanding of and an appreciation for enduring writing and literature. (Themes I and II)
  • Gain insight into the principles of human nature and behavior. (Theme IV)
  • Develop a knowledge of human society and cross-cultural variation, including the ways individuals and groups relate, interact, and change. (Themes II and IV)
  • Enhance ability to think critically and cogently about both professional and societal issues. (Themes I-IV)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the physical universe and apply such principles to contemporary culture. (Theme III)
  • Understand western civilization in a global context. (Themes II and IV)
  • Understand the basic principles of biblical ethics and apply such principles to contemporary culture. (Themes I and V)
  • Engage in intentional spiritual growth toward Christ-like character and service. (Theme V)

Course Requirements

Foundations of Learning

Course Course DescriptionHours
  12 hours
ENG-1013 English Composition I3
ENG-1023 English Composition II3
SPE-1003 Principles of Public Speaking3
PHI-1703 World Religions (online)3

The Human Aesthetic Experience

Course Course DescriptionHours
  15 hours
ENG-1043 Classical Literature3
ENG-1033 Creative Writing3
FNA-1003 Introduction to Fine Arts (online)3
HIS-2013 Western World/Ancient and Medieval Times3
HIS-2023 Western World/Emerging Modern Society3

The Physical World Experience

Course Course DescriptionHours
  9 hours
MTH-1013 Survey of Mathematics3
SCI-2001 General Physical Science Lab1
SCI-2013 General Physical Science3
SCI-2002 The Science of Media/Technology (online)2

The Human Social Experience

Course Course DescriptionHours
  12 hours
PSY-1013 Introduction to Psychology3
SOC-1003 Introduction to Sociology3
SOC-2013 Cultural Anthropology3
SOC-2003 Intercultural Communication3

The Human Spiritual Experience

Course Course DescriptionHours
  12 hours
PAS-1023 Spiritual Formation3
BIB-1043 English Bible I3
BIB-1053 English Bible II3
BIB-2063 Bible and Life Application3

Total required for graduation 60 hours