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Nazarene Bible College


Campus Courses

Campus Courses

PSY4013 - Life Cycle Counseling

Course Description

An advanced course in developmental psychology, the primary purpose of this course is to give the student an understanding of the fundamental processes of development through the life span with a particular focus on the relationship between childhood developmental influences and their subsequent effects on psychological health. A second objective is to give the student an awareness of her or his own developmental history.

Course Objectives

The following learning goals will be achieved by this course:

1.To gain a deeper appreciation of the integration of traditional ministry and processes of psychological/Biblical counseling in implementing healing--emotionally, relationally, spiritually, and even physically.
2.Acquire insights in self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-control through the processing of actual counseling situations. The ability to recognize "danger signals" in the counseling relationship is also essential.
3.To become knowledgeable of the fundamental processes, and crisis periods, of human development across the life-span.
4.To gain understanding of the special relationship between childhood developmental influences, pro and con, that affect subsequent experience on wholeness.
5.To receive insight, directly and indirectly, relating to one's own developmental history, and its current outcomes.
6.To develop awareness of the crises of each developmental period and the ministry/counseling needs that attend them.
7.To develop attitudes, approaches, and techniques appropriate for dealing with counseling/ministry needs relating to each developmental period.
8.To gain the ability to integrate Scriptural principles and direct quotations with positive counseling processing, and build a Biblical base for the ministry of counseling.

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