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Nazarene Bible College


MPP Courses

MPP Courses

MPP1101 - Investigating Christian Theology I

Course Description

A systematic study of the Christian faith from a uniquely Wesleyan-Holiness perspective with emphasis on the doctrines of God, humanity, sin, and the person and work of Jesus Christ. Related areas covered will be revelation, the inspiration and authority of Scripture, the Trinity, creation, and the atonement. Prerequisite: Tracing the Story of God in the Bible.

Course Objectives

The following learning objectives will be achieved by this course:

  1. To articulate the Biblical doctrines of: God, Humanity, Sin, and Christ.
  2. To identify the theological/technical terms for each of the Biblical doctrines covered in this course.
  3. To identify the main Wesleyan distinctive relevant for each of the above four areas of this course.
  4. To relate these theological concepts to practical living and ministry.
The following competencies as outlined in the Sourcebook on Ordination: United States of America Edition, 2006 to meet the educational requirements for Ordination within the Church of the Nazarene will be achieved by completing this course:
  • Ability to describe the major theological concepts of the Old Testament.(CN-7)
  • Ability to identify and describe the major theological concepts of the New Testament.(CN-14)
  • Ability to identify and explain the main characteristics of the nature of: God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Human Person, Sin, Salvation, The Christian Life, the Church and Sacraments, and Eschatology.(CN-19)
  • Ability to reflect theologically on life and ministry.(CN-20)
  • Ability to demonstrate understanding of the sources of theological reflection, its historical development, and its contemporary expressions.(CN-21)
  • Ability to articulate the distinctive characteristics of Wesleyan theology.(CN-22)
  • Ability to envision, order, participate, and lead in contextualized theologically grounded worship and to develop and lead appropriate services for special occasions (i.e. wedding, funeral, baptism, and the Lord's Supper).(CP-21)

Course Prerequisites

It is recommended that the following courses be taken before taking this course: Telling the Old Testament Story of God, Telling the New Testament Story of God, Communicating with Spoken and Written Language, and Tracing the Story of God in the Bible.

MPP Courses