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Online Courses

Online Courses

BLE4624 - Business Finance

Course Description

This is a course survey of concepts, principles and practices for profit, non-profit and church organizations from the perspective of a non-financial manager. A basic understanding of financial analysis, budgeting, working capital, short-term and long-term corporate financing, the cost of capital, and the time value of money from the perspective of a leader in today's world.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Identify and develop a balance sheet and income statement as it relates to non-financial managers. In addition, you will be able to discuss the concept of the "life cycle of a business" and identify the rules of financial reporting.
  2. Evaluate how stress relates to the financial outcomes.
  3. Evaluate profit, cash flow, critical performance factors, and cost accounting as it applies to non-financial managers.
  4. Demonstrate the process of budget planning, financing the budget, financing the business, and attracting outsider sources for the purpose of investment.
  5. Explore the demonstrated issue with non-profit organizations as it relates to the non-financial leader.
  6. Articulate the importance of building maintenance in the near and long-term financial obligations of the Church.
  7. Articulate the concept of performance measurement and tracking cost.
  8. Recognize and relate the fundamental concepts of stewardship and the importance of money and wealth in our society.
  9. Evaluate the various ways in which the outside use of your building makes financial sense.
  10. Evaluate various methods to maximize support from your members.

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

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