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Nazarene Bible College




Ministry Preparation Program Elder Track

The Ministry Preparation Program (MPP) exists to prepare men and women for ordination as an elder or deacon in the Church of the Nazarene through a series of courses that earn one semester hour of credit each. NBC is approved by the Church of the Nazarene International Board of Education for training leaders toward ordination or commission in the ministries of the Church of the Nazarene.

The Elder track is designed to augment the gifts of preaching the Word, and preparing students for the ministry of pastoring a local congregation. Courses are designed to help students become stewards of the Word and provide the necessary understanding and ministry skills to effectively lead and serve the church.

Program Requirements - NBC Variation (25 Courses)

Course Course DescriptionHours
  25 courses
MPP-1000*Online Orientation (GEN-1001) 1
MPP-1020*Basic Written Language (ENG-0013) 1
MPP-1511 English Composition I (ENG-1013) 1
MPP-1521 Introduction to Psychology (PSY-1013) 1
MPP-1531 Introduction to the Old Testament (BIB-1013) 1
MPP-1541 Introduction to the New Testament (BIB-1023) 1
MPP-1551 Spiritual Formation (PAS-1023) 1
MPP-1561 Leadership of Christian Educational Ministries (CEM-2133) 1
MPP-1571 Western World/Ancient and Medieval Times (HIS-2013) 1
MPP-1581 Western World/Emerging Modern Society (HIS-2023) 1
MPP-1591 Biblical Interpretation (BIB-2003) 1
MPP-1601 Pentateuch (BIB-2013) 1
MPP-1611 New Testament Gospels (BIB-2033) 1
MPP-1621 History and Polity of the Church of the Nazarene (PAS-2023) 1
MPP-1631 The Practice of Christian Ministry (PAS-2013) 1
MPP-1641 Global Evangelism (OTR-2013) 1
MPP-1651 Pauline Epistles (BIB-3053) 1
MPP-1661 Systematic Theology I (THE-3023) 1
MPP-1671 Systematic Theology II (THE-3033) 1
MPP-1681 Pastoral Care and Counseling (PAS-3023) 1
MPP-1691 Christian Preaching I (PAS-3033) 1
MPP-1701 Christian Preaching II (PAS-3043) 1
MPP-1711 Philosophy and Christian Ethics (PHI-3013) 1
MPP-1721 Exploring Christian Holiness (THE-1043) 1
MPP-1731 Developing a Missional Church (OTR-4013) 1
MPP-1741 Church Administration and Finance (PAS-4023) 1
MPP-1752 Supervised Ministry Experience (PAS-4092) 1
MPP-1761 Hebrew Prophets (BIB-3013) 1

Program Requirements - Modular Variation (24 Courses)

Course Course DescriptionHours
  24 courses
MPP-1020*Basic Written Language 1
MPP-1001 Telling the Old Testament Story of God 1
MPP-1011 Telling the New Testament Story of God 1
MPP-1021 Communicating with Spoken and Written Language 1
MPP-1031 Exploring Christian Ministry 1
MPP-1041 Interpreting Scripture 1
MPP-1051 Tracing the Story of God in the Bible 1
MPP-1061 Practicing Wesleyan-Holiness Spiritual Formation 1
MPP-1071 Examining Our Christian Heritage I 1
MPP-1081 Examining Our Christian Heritage II 1
MPP-1091 Exploring Nazarene History and Polity 1
MPP-1101 Investigating Christian Theology I 1
MPP-1111 Investigating Christian Theology II 1
MPP-1121 Exploring John Wesley's Theology 1
MPP-1131 Becoming a Holy People 1
MPP-1141 Preaching the Story of God 1
MPP-1151 Shepherding God's People 1
MPP-1161 Administering the Local Church 1
MPP-1171 Leading the People of God 1
MPP-1181 Providing Christian Education for All Ages 1
MPP-1191 Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally 1
MPP-1201 Communicating the Gospel in a Pluralistic World 1
MPP-1211 Declaring the Gospel of God 1
MPP-1221 Living Ethical Lives 1
MPP-1232 Supervised Ministry Experience 1

* MPP-1020 Basic Written Language is required for all students scoring below 80 on the Accuplacer exam. Credit does not apply toward any degree.

Academic Probation Policy: MPP students will follow the academic probation policy found in the academic policy section of this catalog. Please contact the Ministry Preparation Program office for complete details and procedures.

Grade Scale: The grade scale for MPP does not include a "D" range. A student must have at least an average comprehension of course material and competencies in order to perform ministry tasks. Therefore, to receive credit for ordination, a student must at least make a "C" grade.

For further information about the elder track ordination variation, please contact the Ministry Preparation Program office at (719) 884-5143.