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Women's Graduate Dinner

Every year, we honor exceptional women of Nazarene Bible College with an exclusive dinner. This includes women students who are graduating, as well as wives of graduating male students. This year it was held in Strickland Chapel, and was hosted by the college's faculty and administration ladies.

As graduation nears, and anticipation grows, there are events like this one to honor and perhaps offer some last minute advice to our industrious seniors. Students tell us that occasions like this are part of what make students feel that attending Nazarene Bible College is special.

Women's Graduate Dinner

Unlike Exit Interviews and other events, this one is just for the girls – no guys allowed. We know that both women graduates and the supportive wives of graduates will be rewarded for their perseverance and faithfulness during the period of earning a degree here. This dinner is a tribute to their fortitude.

The meal included a delicious ham with baked potato, green beans (for color?), and tasty pie. Afterward, with everyone feeling relaxed from the meal and the dinner conversation, there was a treat. Our Chief Librarian, Ann Attig, had requested pictures of the graduates' families, which she used to create a PowerPoint presentation. The pictures in the presentation were mingled with details about the graduates' future plans in Christ, a good remembrance of what it's all for.

Besides the nice meal, fellowship, and slide show, each participant received a clear paperweight imprinted with the NBC logo. This keepsake will be a very nice reminder of their time here, and can even be used to hold down a stack of papers, should they have one. Overall, it was a tremendous evening, and another step in the graduation experience.

Giddy yet? We know the seniors are. We have a large graduating class this year, including campus students and distance education students from many parts of the USA and the world. The uplifting activities like this dinner, which are sprinkled from January to May, are a tradition, and are a Nazarene Bible College Graduation gift for its much-appreciated seniors.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 05/14/2010

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