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Bye Bye Blogger

Nazarene Bible College - Mark Eastlick

It is with real sorrow that we must tell you that our blogger has left the building. Mark Eastlick has been writing our weekly blog since last November. Last week's blog was his final installment. He left us to pursue a wonderful opportunity for his family and another form of Kingdom work. As I am sure you have read and felt though his writing, Mark is a faithful servant of our Lord and we were blessed to have had the chance to work with him over these last eight months.

Mark wrote several great blogs while he worked with us. Here are a few favorites.

Well, as you can see this isn't going to be easy. Pray for us as we muddle through this change, trying to fill Mark's very large shoes and pray for Mark too. Change can be difficult but with God's continuing help, we will all endure and hopefully, glorify our Lord in the process.

Thanks again Mark for all your faithful service!

Filed Under: Blog Published: 07/13/2010

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