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Musings about Nazarene Bible College

Apostles Court in Fall

NBC holds surprises and delights. When I first arrived, the biggest surprise for me was how ecumenical NBC is, with students and alumni all over the world. I was also pleasantly surprised by the robust electronic infrastructure supporting online and campus students as well as the college staff. The raised floor data center is well laid out and modern, extremely chic for a smaller college.

I was delighted by the unique architecture and scenic landscaping. Nazarene Bible College's hallowed campus sits majestically atop a hill, with a sweeping gaze of much of Colorado Springs, and beyond that, the Rocky Mountains. Sometimes, when hurrying across the grounds, mind swimming with responsibilities, I make myself stop and gaze out over the panorama. I breathe deeply several times, letting go of stress with each exhalation.

The campus itself is like no other I've seen, also a delight. The campus revolves around Apostles Court, the storied home of the Ward Bell Tower, and the scene of many graduations. Apostles Court slopes up from the center, ringed and intersticed by walkways, and after that it slopes down to meet the inner walkway of the campus, with carefully manicured bushes and aromatic mulch along the way. It's a wonderful place for reflection or to take a lunch-time walk.

The rest of the campus is also circular, surrounding Apostles Court. There is Strickland Chapel, Oliver and Brand Center, Sanders, Powers Hall, Leist Hall, and then Williamson, all rendered in beautiful rough-hewn stone, glass, and wood. Small gardens adorn the buildings, with fragrant purple and white lilacs just outside Oliver. In the spring, with the new growth of grass and leaves and the flowers blooming, just breathing is refreshing.

Inside, the buildings are just as beautiful. Strickland Chapel is the epitome of this. Gorgeous cherry wood adorns the walls and sweeps up to the steeple. Sitting in the chapel yields two exceptional sights: The Rockies fill the view through the staggered main windows, and looking up you're rewarded with extraordinary stained glass images of the apostles set in the steeple.

What would NBC be without its people, its family? The staff, faculty, students, and alumni are unabashedly loyal and upbeat, a tight and loving family. When walking into the Sanders Administration building and going to the front desk, you're greeted with a big smile and friendly welcome, and this never stops, no matter where you go on campus. The staff and faculty are always attuned to NBC's mission to "glorify Jesus Christ as Lord by preparing adults to evangelize, disciple and minister to the world." It's an island of spirituality, focused on Kingdom building, a sanctuary and Christian educational environment focused on the right things.

If this sounds a bit glowing, perhaps it is. However, the nice part is that it's also true. For anyone who hasn't had a chance to visit the campus, I'd encourage you to stop by and see for yourself. If you can't, when you call we'll try to convey as much of it as possible over the phone. Just visit the NBC Photos section and browse through the photos while calling, so you can get the full experience.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 07/09/2010

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