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Nazarene Bible College




Phones, Copiers, and Batteries, Oh My!

Christian education continues advancing at Nazarene Bible College

For such a small Christian education institution, there is no shortage of excitement on the campus of Nazarene Bible College. From our phone connection, to brand new copiers, and all the way to tons of batteries (literally), we constantly strive to maintain and improve our school's condition. This week saw several improvements for NBC in the in the realm of stretching our valuable dollar and attempting to make the day to day functions here more efficient, which results in helping us keep our tuition as low as possible.

First, a basic phone connection on campus is required for communication to be executed properly. Whether it is interdepartmental, between departments, or to talk to students, phones are a must. Recently, we signed a new phone contract for new and improved connection. The new contract was also negotiated in such a way that we will also be saving some significant money. With this new contract, NBC has more robust and flexible system, offering this college a more stable backbone of communication, and an added peace of mind when it comes to keeping those important calls connected.

Second, copiers are a huge part of how we share information and disperse knowledge around campus. So, when NBC's copier lease was up for re-evaluation, it was amazing to discover the amount of new and advanced services available to a school our size. NBC was blessed yet again and was offered a deal that now gives us much more advanced, and scalable equipment for a better value. With our newfound technology, our staff was offered on opportunity to be trained on the brand new equipment. Until this familiarization, most were clueless as to what kind of functions a technologically advanced system of this kind could actually offer. They can fax, email, learn our patterns, and so much more. Not to mention, they are green machines.

Thirdly, seeing a ton of batteries, in the most literal sense, is a sight one does not see often. As many know, NBC's IT department is up and running 100% of the time. That is made possible, in part, due to the backup UPS's for each essential piece of equipment we have. However, the amount of batteries needed for this task adds up to nearly 300 batteries, and all are located in a single room. Additionally, it's that time where many of our staffs UPS's need battery replacements around campus as well. When the battery is due for replacement, a constant and somewhat annoying beeping noise consumes the area in which is located guiding us straight to the UPS. This was a somewhat surreal and interesting thing to witness, and this rare sight to see and hear happens once in a blue moon. However, it is of integral importance when it comes to keeping NBC running smoothly.

This behind the scenes glimpse of what goes on around NBC's campus may be the things we don't think about on a daily basis, but are nonetheless essential to NBC's continued success. Additionally, the added benefits of saving on these particular necessities are a significant help to our Christian education college with a clear purpose to prepare those called to ministry. In conclusion, NBC is pleased with our recent additions and results, and is delighted to share how we have improved upon the services we use to better our students and the operation of NBC.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 03/07/2011

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