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Major Library Software Upgrade

Major Library Software Upgrade at Trimble Library

Over the last year, Nazarene Bible College Trimble Library has been researching and preparing for a major software change to better our library and students. Professor Ann Attig, Library Director, evaluated many systems before choosing to go with Atriuum. After being reviewed by the IT Department to ensure compatibility, the system and our new redundant servers have been deployed making our library system faster, more reliable, and much more stable.

The new system required our entire library staff to be trained before going into effect, which occured a little over a week ago. Atriuum is a 100% browser based service meaning it is accessible wherever internet is available. This makes for a service that is easily accessible while providing our students with various and unique options for searching library resources. It is no doubt that Atriuum is a powerful asset in our pursuit for comprehensive, reliable, and easy-to-use resources. It's operation is simple and ideal for our adult students making it a great choice for Christian education college.

I have always felt that one of the great things about NBC is the departments' ability to work together. Through collaboration, we each add our own niche and strengths to the project so we can achieve the best possible outcome. That is just one factor when it comes to our confidence in the services we provide our students. To constantly be on the lookout for better services is just one way we can successfully continue to execute our mission of preparing men and women for ministry.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 08/19/2011

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