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Bidding Blogger a Fond Farewell

Mary phillips prior NBC Support Technician

It is with real sadness that we must tell you that our blogger has moved on. Mary Phillips has been writing our weekly blog for almost a year and a half. The President’s Sixth Report to the Board of Trustees was her final blog with us. She left us to fulfill a personal dream and along her journey, she will continue to flourish in the Lord. We are very happy to say that she is doing well in her new position. I am sure you have all enjoyed reading her posts and loved the ones that have hit close to home. Mary always made people feel like they were actually experiencing what she was writing about. We can certainly say we were blessed to have her here at NBC.

Here are a few of Mary’s most popular blogs that have touched our hearts.

She will never be forgotten as one of our great inspirational blog writers and she will greatly be missed! Were trying to get back on track and with your patients and prayers, we will do so.

We would just like to thank you Mary, for all your hard work and dedication. God Bless you in your new adventure in His service.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 11/16/2011

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