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As I thought about last week's offering "Christian Education a Blast from the Past", I couldn't help but think about who we are and what we stand for. I started writing down some things and before long, I had a huge list going. I was trying to write a blog but it became a sort-of marketing piece instead. Nevertheless, I thought I would share it with you this week.

If you're looking for an adult education degree, Nazarene Bible College is the place to be. We offer lots of courses for Christian higher education. NBC has been the leader in adult education for over 40 years and has a 94% completion rate since 1998. We are an accredited college by both the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). We offer small class sizes for our campus students and a wonderful distance education online program. Furthermore, for those who qualify, we offer a bundle of scholarships and have a dedicated team of financial aid experts ready to assist in making high quality Christian college education very affordable.

The full-time faculty at NBC has more than 150 years of practical experience in pastoral ministries. Our faculty have both the appropriate academic credentials and the practical experience needed for the best ministerial preparation. We have a beautiful campus offering many views of the city and the mountains. The class sizes are small so that everyone can interact with one another in a more personal way.

Our unique online education classes are designed around our students to better fit their lifestyle. We have also created a Web based discussion tool (Scribe), which is designed specifically for our students. This helps us keep our classes highly interactive with regular communication between the different students and the instructors.

A problem that most students face is paying for their schooling. NBC is an affordable college because of the support of the denomination and many churches across the United States and Canada. This helps to keep the cost of tuition substantially lower than other private colleges and universities. We also offer a full list of scholarships and the forms needed to process them. Finally, we have a dedicated team in the Financial Aid Office guiding every student down the right path.

Students have said that we are passionate about what we do, but it's not us doing it, it's God working in us and our faculty, that keeps us going. We're so thankful for the men and woman that have walked in the doors of NBC and said I want to do God's work. NBC is only a stepping-stone to what God has in store for those men and women. If you're even considering going back to college to prepare for a life in ministry, please let us see what we can do for you.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 03/02/2012

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