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Archived Entries

Archived Entries

NBC attends the WCET conference in Denver, Colorado

NBC's administrators and online directors spent the week at the WCET conference in Denver, Colorado. The week began with a snowy commute and ended with warm and pleasant weather. Anyone who has spent time in Colorado in the fall soon learns that you never leave your hotel without layers of clothing to shed as the weather changes!

We spent several days addressing the layers of online education, as well. Online education is changing the face of distance learning. No longer is it a non-interactive, correspondence environment. Distance learning has developed into a dynamic, collaborative environment where students and facilitators share in the process of learning. As we explored new developments and addressed age-old problems, most of us were left asking difficult questions. Is online education a valid learning model? Are students learning what they need to learn? Is our program reflective of the best online education has to give?

The expansion of technology, including social networking and online resources, is flooding the market with new teaching options and is challenging us to consider the future direction of our program. It is encouraging to realize that NBC's online program is competitive with those offered by comparable colleges, but stands in the unique position of having an in-house program management system that allows us to more accurately and quickly meet the constantly changing demands of the online environment. As the layers of technology grow, we can address them with confidence as leaders and risk-takers in the industry.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 10/24/2009

Archived Entries