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Archived Entries

Archived Entries

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

The Nazarene Bible College campus sparkles with Christmas. Halls and walls are adorned, spirits are joyful, and Christmas songs invigorate the air. The spires and roofs will glisten soon, also, with forecasts of snow. Christmas has magically transformed the hallowed halls of NBC.

All over campus, well wishers exchange cards. Students are happy for the Christmas season, and probably just a bit for the holiday break. Scrumptious goodies have materialized for all to enjoy, and everyone has enjoyed and enjoyed. The annual NBC Christmas party was hosted by the Stelting's at their lovely home, and it was wonderful. It is a festive time, and a time to be thankful for Christ's glory and blessings.

Christ's blessings were embodied in the Christmas Gifts for Students' Children. ASG members put tags on a Christmas tree in the entranceway to Williamson for students that needed a little help for Christmas. The tags each held a child's name and gift suggestions. All of the tags were taken from the tree and gifts were provided, helping families in need to a little extra Christmas cheer.

Speaking of Christmas cheer, some of NBC's students and faculty joined the Trinity Mass Choir to perform with celebrated pianist Jerry Nelson at the Trinity Nazarene Church. Jerry Nelson is the founder of Eagles Nest Studio & Retreat, has written arrangements for thousands of pieces of Christian music, and has recorded twenty Christian CDs. This poignant event honored the miracle of Christ's birth.

To help our overseas military, NBC collected Christmas cards and treats for Peterson Air Force Base CH Lt Col Randall Kitchens and CH Capt Heather Bodwell, who are deployed in the Middle East. NBC provided half of the eight boxes sent from Peterson AFB. We are glad to be able to provide a small remembrance of home, and we wish them a safe and spirit-filled Christmas season.

We at NBC wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year in Christ. God bless!

Filed Under: Blog Published: 12/24/2009

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