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Archived Entries

Archived Entries

Smashing Campus Super Bowl Bash

The Super Bowl created lots of crunching and munching and cheering at Nazarene Bible College. NBC hosted its annual Super Bowl Bash in Williamson, to the delight of about 40 raucous campus students, faculty, and staff. The party was coordinated by Barry Haack, Associated Student Government (ASG) VP of Recreational Life at NBC. To complement NBC's stellar Christian campus and online education, this is one of many fun and exciting activities coordinated by ASG throughout the year.

There were 2 large screens setup with HD projectors. Were fans of either team present? Hard to say – no one wore Saints or Colts regalia. They came for the tasty food and drink. They came for the camaraderie. They came to see the players, and the unique Super Bowl commercials, almost life-sized on the huge screens. They came for a great time, and that's what they had.

ASG supplied 12 large, tasty Pizza Hut pizzas, queso dip and chips, and 160 wings in 3 varieties. There were also drinks in abundance, including IBC Cream Soda, which was a hit, possibly because of the cool bottle. Not forgetting to pamper everyone's sweet tooth, cookies, cupcakes, and brownies were also in abundance. Attendees contributed with cake, more queso dip, and veggies with dip. Sadly, the veggies stood alone. The pizza taunted the veggies, being the most popular, but the uneaten veggies had the last laugh, until they were tossed into the trash.

Speaking of taunting, chips, trash talk, and a hacky sack flew around. Fortunately, there were few injuries. A Doritos bag was pummeled by the hacky sack, creating third-degree crumbling, with little hope of dipability. Dr. Laurel Matson, Vice President for Student Development and Registrar, inadvertently donated a coat, since he hung it on the Free Clothes rack. If you took his coat by mistake - please return it, he's cold.

Incredibly, one of our students, Cal, guessed within one second when the first score would occur. Another student, Greg, was only off by one touchdown on the final score. Just as incredible, Dr. Matson, a diehard Packers fan, wore a Vikings jersey. I guess Brett Favre's move to Minnesota makes Dr. Matson a two team fan now. Afterwards, there was not an after-party party held at Barry's house, which was not held in Calhan, and did not feature the stuff mentioned in the February 1, 2010 NBC Communicator. Really. However, everyone left happy and with bellies full, and many had arms full of leftovers.

ASG did a wonderful job – please remember to hug an ASG member today. Visit Trimble Library or Williamson to get nomination forms for the remaining ASG positions for the upcoming academic year. Jim Stevens was already re-elected as Student Government President – congratulations! We still have many positions open, so remember to nominate and vote.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 02/12/2010

Archived Entries