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Archived Entries

Archived Entries

Reception for Dr. Gary W. Streit, new Vice President for Academic Affairs

Nazarene Bible College - Dr. Gary W. Streit

Wednesday, NBC held a reception for Dr. Streit and his wife, Dr. Marla Streit, in Strickland Chapel. While festive, it was also cozy. Much of that is attributable to the attendees, especially the friendly, spiritual demeanor of our President, Dr. Harold Graves.

NBC is truly a family, and Dr. Graves is our genial and wise dad, our consummate leader. Dr. Gary Streit, our new Vice President for Academic Affairs, has the same approachable and scholarly manner. Looking for someone who suits a position in the college, especially one as important as VP for Academic Affairs, is like looking for a puzzle piece to fit the complex mosaic that is our puzzle. Praise the Lord, Dr. Streit is a perfect fit.

Dr. Graves talked about Dr. Streit’s prominent credentials; his long-term commitment to Nazarene education. Dr. Streit served Olivet Nazarene University for many years, starting as a professor and progressing to Provost, and then as president of Malone University for three years. He worked with the Church of the Nazarene International Board of Education on the missional review program, and participated in reviews of educational institutions in different parts of the world. He served a term as the Alumni Association President of Trevecca Nazarene University, and received the "T Award" for outstanding accomplishment and service. Further, Dr. Graves talked about Dr. Streit's many years of service with the Higher Learning Commission, a real boon in our current year seeking reaffirmation of accreditation with the HLC.

Dr. Graves then shared Dr. Streit's more personal commitments, going above and beyond. He served on the planning committee for three of the Nazarene Laymen's Conferences. He’s been active in his local Nazarene church, serving on the board, singing in the choir, and working in various church ministries and activities. Clearly, his devotion is evident beyond his work - it is also expressed in his service in the larger Nazarene community.

Dr. Graves presented the Streit's with welcoming gifts. They are nothing large, nothing fancy, but they are stamped with the NBC logo, just the right welcoming gifts for new family members. There were water bottles, cups, very nice pens, and some other small tokens of affection.

Nazarene Bible College - Strickland Chapel

The Streit’s were, of course, gracious in their words and their smiles. Both expressed thanks, and then related how glad they are to be at NBC. Dr. Streit also said that Dr. Graves emailed a colleague asking if he knew how to contact Dr. Streit. He was sharing a meal with the colleague right then and there. This was no coincidence, then, and shows how nearby God’s hand is in our lives.

Next, all retired to the lobby for some delicious cake, punch, and mixed nuts. There was a comfortable air, a contented air, a reflection of the knowledge that our mosaic was again complete, with the help of the hand of God. Slowly, slowly, the gathering dispersed, as first one, then a few, then groups left, until all were gone. There was a bit of cleaning up to do, and then the last door snicked shut, and the footfalls trailed away from the previously packed lobby of Strickland chapel.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 05/25/2010

Archived Entries