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Archived Entries

Archived Entries

Annual Alliance for Ministry Education Directors Conference

Ministry Education Preperation

The Alliance Directors Conference is held each year on the NBC campus. It was a very meaningful time of discussion on how NBC can continue to support the Alliance's goal of ministry preparation. As President Graves spoke, he also shared his vision and support for the partnership that NBC has with the districts to provide the best in pastoral and ministerial training.

It was exciting to see the Conference bring Directors from districts across the country this week. The Alliance for Ministry Education is an organization that includes Church of the Nazarene District Training Centers and the Nazarene Bible College who work together to provide college-level ministry training programs.

Dr. David M. Phillips said, "Great appreciation was expressed by the directors for everything NBC does in providing learning resources and in providing a way for those taking courses in the district to get transfer credit by portfolio towards a degree at NBC." Dr. Phillips also reported that this is one of the best conferences in recent years with a good number of experienced and new directors.

When asking Dr. Peter Lundell, a director for Los Angeles, about what the Alliance hoped to see for the future he expressed that raising the standards for hiring qualified instructors is necessary in order to provide a quality Christian education. Specializing in practical education is what equips our destined ordained pastors. When concluding the outcome of the Annual Alliance Conference the conclusion is unanimous, the future of the Alliance and NBC partnership is in good hands under the NBC leadership of Mrs. Cheryl Graves and the advisory leadership of the Alliance.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 07/16/2010

Archived Entries