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Archived Entries

NBC Campus Invaded by Counseling for Christian Ministries Online Students

Christian counselors visit the Colorado Springs campus

The Counseling for Christian Ministries (CCM) Orientation was held on campus for their intensive courses this past weekend. There were 22 students who flew in for classes from all over the country to participate. It may have been a little more hot and humid than usual here in Colorado Springs, but the sights to see were just as beautiful as always.

The Bachelor of Arts in Ministry degree (B.A. Min.) with a Counseling for Christian Ministries a major qualifies students to efficiently apply their knowledge of counseling theory and principles upon completion. This program is strictly online with an exception of two intensives that are required to be done on campus, one of which just happened this past weekend.

The intensive courses, also called Capstone classes, are indeed intense and left little room for free time. Nevertheless, the Nazarene Bible College Bookstore stayed open Friday night to give them a chance to browse and take a breather before it kicked into full gear. Patti over at the bookstore said, "They were an awesome group of people, they were chatty and joyful, and sparkled." A sight to see in itself, as well as an encouraging start to the weekend. Patti also said that Dr. Terry Lambright, the professor of the class, borrowed a few boxes of Kleenexes insisting to the group that they were going to need them later :) The weekend ended successfully showing the students' progress in the program. They worked on applying group process, and practiced studying professional and current topics in counseling, such as legal and ethical issues.

An interesting thing about this degree is that it can be taken in either the Traditional or Advantage structure. The difference is our Traditional Degrees are based on strong general studies and advanced studies in Bible, theology, and ministry principles. The Advantage Program is an accelerated degree completion program taught by experienced professionals with an educational model that focuses on experiential learning, practical skills, and life application.

This academic degree we offer is providing the world and pastoral ministries with quality Christian Counselors. Whether it be in specialty areas such as giving relationship advice for married couples and families, providing therapy for addictions or stress or coping with the grief of the loss of a loved one. No matter what type of structure the students choose to take, they can be confident to walk away knowing that their education, faith, and life go hand in hand. What makes their education at NBC invaluable is being able to share their knowledge and experiences with God's people.

In order to help you find us in search engines, here are often/commonly misspelled words. Counsellor is actually in the dictionary, but not counsillor or counsilor. Is anyone searching for Christina the councilor, she may well be a Christian counselor!

Filed Under: Blog Published: 07/30/2010

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