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Archived Entries

Archived Entries

A New Set of Campus Students Begin Their Christian Education at Orientation

Christian Education

New students were introduced to the Nazarene Bible College campus last Saturday at an orientation held in their honor at Strickland Chapel. These students gathered to get their student handbooks, other Christian education material, and to hear firsthand about what to expect of this new and exciting adventure that God has called them too. They met and spoke with Dr. Ott, our Vice President for Campus Academic Services, Director of Advantage Program, and Director of Christian Educational Ministries Program along with Dr. Matson, our Vice President for Student Development and Registrar. This significant event is the first step in preparing them for their theological and bible school lessons that are about to begin.

This week was also full of exciting welcoming events and fellowship that brought the families of both students and faculty together. It all started with an ice cream social, to tailgating at the Sky Sox game, (our Colorado Springs minor league baseball team), having a potluck, and finished with a family game night. Nothing about this week was anything less than fun. As was mentioned in last year's "Students Arriving on Campus" blog, this time of year is beyond question exciting and lively. The possibilities, hopes, dreams, and expectations are evident in every new face.

Although the majority of our students take our online classes, traveling the distance to get your degree on campus sure does have its perks! First off, Colorado Springs is a breathtaking wonder of this Earth. The beauty alone mystifies travelers and residents of this state during all seasons. Attending chapel services that look out directly to Pikes Peak also keep us in sight of God's amazing creations. Second, since campus classes are conveniently offered at night it allows students to work days and still be able to earn their degrees during their off time. Having technologically advanced Smart classrooms also make for a great interactive learning experience, and the face-to-face instruction is a great benefit for those not cutout for online education. Not to mention, we have our warm and loving faculty members who are here to help, pray with, and be there every step of the way.

While our online Christian education is no doubt a convenient way to earn a fantastic quality degree, for some there is nothing like the appealing visual, sensory, and classic aspects of this bible institutes campus. No matter which option works best for our students, we're reclaiming the future of Christian education by using our resources to maintain the finest academic curriculum the history of this college has ever seen.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 08/27/2010

Archived Entries