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Archived Entries

Archived Entries

New Music Department Section Launched on Website

Adult Education College Learns Something New

Nazarene Bible College's Music Ministries program has always had a special meaning to NBC since the doors first opened in 1967. As the very first students began to enroll, their spouses began expressing desire to have ministry training to help with their new assignment. Soon after, their children became interested in helping as well. The passion for musical ministry spread like wild fire, and it afforded students one of the more powerful avenues for reaching out to fellow worshippers. It was no surprise that the Music Department took off and become one of the integral parts of NBC. Therefore, this week NBC is recognizing the Music Department by launching a brand new music section on the NBC website, a music themed photo album, and are working on some fantastic YouTube clips from previous performances.

As times change and technology advances, students migrated towards distance education to get their Bible College degree. The bulk of students seek an education from home in modern times, and although the Music Ministries Program resides on campus, its significance has not dwindled. The Music Department occupies the top floor of the Oliver Center with the Online/IT Department underneath, and let me tell you, the days I get to hear students practicing through the vents in my office are days I cherish.

Not only does the Music Department serve NBC's adult students, they also maintain a multitude of programs that involve the Colorado Springs community. During the school year, long time musician Mr. Bill Callen directs the New Horizons Band, and Pikes Peak Home School Band right here on campus. The New Horizons Band consists of two local bands; the Gold band and Jazz band (big band jazz) that is directed towards adults 40 years and older. The Pikes Peak Home School Band brings home schooled children together to play and interact with their peers in a terrific environment and setting. In addition, our very own Dr. Grimo heads the Youth College Program that allows high school students to receive college credit through the Youth Honors Choir. He also works with the department to provide private lessons, and class and ensemble groups for students.

Lastly, every summer, the Music Department puts on a NAZ Music Camp bringing families together in beautiful Colorado Springs to participate in exciting music events and activities. It concludes with a final performance where adults and youth alike come together. In conclusion, the NBC Music Department may seem to fly under the radar sometimes, but they are such a fundamental part of this Christian college, and their understated impact affects every facet of the NBC experience. The staff and faculty involved work wholeheartedly to provide this world with the joy and gift of music. So, as spoken by Dr. Norman R. Oke in his book Those Beginning Days of Nazarene Bible College, "Thank God for the music department."

Filed Under: Blog Published: 11/05/2010

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