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Archived Entries

Archived Entries

Early Thanksgiving Celebrations at Nazarene Bible College

Early Thanksgiving at Nazarene Bible College

As many campus students are aware, every week Nazarene Bible College hosts a Free Food Tuesday for our students before class. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the anticipation throughout the entire school in palpable. For centuries, it has been a time of enjoying a relaxing and much needed break with great food and even better company. In honor of one of our most revered holidays, NBC has established a tradition, and for the past few years has hosted a pre-Thanksgiving meal in Strickland Chapel to bring all the great things we love about the holiday to our very own campus.

Due to this very special occasion, over 100 individuals including: students, faculty, staff, and their families gathered to enjoy three enormous oven-roasted turkeys provided by the college, while participating in some inspiring fellowship. Our very own Dr. Matson lead the event with the help of Vicki Niever, Amy Miller, and Wendy Magee; all incredibly amazing women who have spent countless hours in preparation and assistance for several student events. The atmosphere was one of generosity as traditional food dishes were displayed for all to try; while at the same time sharing in the experience of bringing together friends, family, and creating lasting bonds. It contributed a special touch of warmness, and was an ideal opportunity to express what we truly have to give thanks for.

It was the perfect night for everyone to harmoniously come together before night classes began. Although I'm certain many students wished their classes could have been a continuation of the party, at least they left with full bellies and plenty of energy to make it through the night. We may be a small Bible College, but I believe it allows us to have certain strengths that other Christian schools may not have. For that reason, we can spend time that is more personal with students during a multitude of events that take place throughout the year. In conclusion, NBC's campus made a point to start the Thanksgiving holiday off right. Although our online students could only be there in spirit, we want to wish everyone a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 11/19/2010

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