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Archived Entries

Archived Entries

NBC's Christmas Story

Nazarene Bible College Christmas Celebration

As this holiday season arrived, the preparation on campus went into full swing. It's something that most of us here at NBC prepare for all year long. All the extra hours and vacation days we have been saving up have finally paid off. Each department approached the finish line of the year's final tasks and the campus adopted a feeling of serenity and calm, at least for the remainder of the year.

During the holiday season, NBC has been blessed to help spread joy and happiness to the greater Colorado Springs area. NBC sponsored the Salvation Army red kettle for a day. Several staff members and their families helped raise $370 towards critical community ministry programs of the Salvation Army. ASG hosted a Christmas gift-giving event to sponsor children of NBC students to lend a hand to students and their families. In addition, we must not forget the wonderful series of chapel advent services that warmed everyone's heart.

Although it has been a somewhat strange Christmas season around Colorado Springs, with the unseasonably mild days and a relatively minute smattering of cold ones, it's still been memorable. The Christmas decorations are up, the hot chocolate flows freely, and the fireplaces are turned on at night to give the wintery feel we all privately cherish. In the author's humble opinion, when the weather is warm there is little to complain about, but there is a certain excitement and especially nostalgia surrounding snowfall around Christmastime. Around here, Christmas miracles have been apparent, much appreciated, and thoroughly enjoyed. Even though it might appear to be quiet on campus, we're always thinking and praying for you guys, the heart and soul of this campus, and we cannot wait to continue being a part of your lives next year. So have a safe and wonderful holiday season, and Merry Christmas!

Filed Under: Blog Published: 12/24/2010

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