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Archived Entries

Soul Surfer - The Inspiring True Story of Bethany Hamilton

Soul Surfer Movie Shows Strong Christian Values

The night I saw the movie Soul Surfer, I was unsure what to expect. I had previously heard the story of Bethany Hamilton. At 13 years old, she survived a shark attack that resulted in the loss of her left arm, and 60% of her blood. In less than one month after the attack, she was ready to show the world just what she was capable of and continued to pursue her dream of becoming a professional surfer. Before the accident, she had all the talent and potential in the world. Afterwards, not only did her passion for surfing burn more than ever, but with the help of her Youth Pastor and family, her faith and trust in God did as well.

Bethany and her family are devoted Christian believers who portray incredible faith and determination every day, something the family made certain would be truthfully portrayed in this film. People like Bethany Hamilton are rare because she did not let what happened ruin her dreams or her relationship with God. Even when times were hard this verse brought her courage, "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13. She saw an opportunity to be a positive Christian role model in a world that desperately needs them, and has been a huge inspiration throughout.

The movie Soul Surfer really makes you look at your own life. God works in mysterious ways, but instead of letting her accident bring her down; she showed the world that she could use it to do God's work. At 21 years old, it is incredible to see the countless lives she has touched, and to only imagine the impact this movie will have after its release. Our world needs more movies out there with Christian values as well as Christian role models like Bethany. So, let us show our support by seeing this incredible and inspirational movie. "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Mathew 19:26

Soul Surfer is out in theaters beginning Friday, April 8. Will Soul Surfer be a must see movie on your list?

Filed Under: Blog Published: 04/06/2011

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