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Archived Entries

My Years at NBC

Soul Surfer Movie Shows Strong Christian Values

Nazarene Bible College is proud to feature Larry Mancini in his very own Guest Blog. He is our second 1st place NBC Experience contest winner. We are thrilled to share his story and hope you enjoy.

The trek from New York to Colorado Springs took several days. When the Rocky Mountains with Pike's Peak came in sight a new chapter in my life began, a very good chapter.

I remembered being in awe the very first day of classes when each professor opened their class with prayer. I remember chapel services where we met with the LORD. I remember Dr. Attig, Dr. and Mrs. G.B.Williamson, Dr. Janet Williams, Dr. Floyd Perkins and Milo Arnold and many others who poured their lives into us to make us the best we could be for the Master.

It is interesting that as time goes on my memories of being on the campus 32 years ago do not fade, rather they seem to become more intense. NBC was not just an education it was an experience. I thank the LORD for the privilege of being a part of it.

Larry Mancini
Pastor, Bay Shore Church of the Nazarene
Bay Shore, Long Island, New York

Filed Under: Blog Published: 04/18/2011

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