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Archived Entries

Archived Entries

CAMS Training Brings Campus and Online Together

NBC CAMS Christian Higher Education

Students may or may not know that CAMS is a comprehensive academic management system for colleges and universities worldwide that we use right here at Nazarene Bible College for our Campus and Online programs. CAMS is so advanced it would take more than a few hundred paragraphs to explain everything, so here is a brief description of what this training did to bring us closer together while giving us the continued ability to succeed in the realm of higher adult education.

It was three days of training that resulted in bringing our departments closer together than ever before. The opening CAMS users meeting brought in so many participants that we actually had a line out the door to sign in and had to round up extra chairs just to squeeze everyone in. Not only was the environment an enjoyable one to be in, but the extent of things we learned is extremely valuable and will assist in making our everyday processes simpler and run smoother. David Herron, the Director of IT said, "I heard many encouraged individuals and a lot of thoughtful discussion in these sessions."

The benefits this training has provided to NBC have been phenomenal, and you had better believe it is a step forward in the overall successful operation of our Christian college. David Herron said, "With the resounding success of this training, I believe we will strive to do this again in the future." CAMS ended up doing more than just training us, they taught us not only how to work together but gave us a better understanding of how to use CAMS in a way to be as successful as possible in our unique fields. It has brought a feeling of harmony to our purpose, affiliation, and quality of work to our campus, staff, and faculty that will take us far in the future.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 05/06/2011

Archived Entries