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Archived Entries

Archived Entries

NBC Commencement 2011

Nazarene Bible College 2011 Commencement

Saturday, May 28, 2011 was a clear representation of another great year at Nazarene Bible College. The sky was clear and the air was warm with an occasional windy breeze that kept your body temperature feeling just right. Dr. Laurel Matson, Vice President for Student Development and Registrar said, "We had the largest graduating class since NBC started awarding the Bachelor's degree." He also said, "Sixty-four of the graduates were present for the Commencement."

To those who remember last year's graduation blog, you may remember us mentioning graduating the largest class since adding the Bachelor degree in 1991. Although we may sound like a broken record, we feel completely blessed that God continues to provide us the ability to grow consistently. NBC's third president, Dr. Jerry Lambert, graced our ceremony by speaking about carpe diem. His speech was powerful and moving as he rejoiced and gave encouragement to our graduates as they move on from NBC and minister to the world.

Great Days at Nazarene Bible College

Now that the 2011 graduation has come and gone, NBC's summer plans are going into full affect with the hopeful outcome of continued growth for next year. One of our school's leaders plans to visit 13 district assemblies this summer to represent Nazarene Bible College. As of right now, seventeen districts will have trustees representing NBC. In addition, this September we will be hosting the first ever Military Ministry Summit on campus in support of our local military. Please remember to pray for NBC this summer and that we may continue to bring in new students so we can assist in their ministerial preparation, and remember, seize the day.

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Archived Entries