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Archived Entries

Military Ministry Summit Comes to Campus

Military Ministry Summit Comes to NBC Campus

This year, Nazarene Bible College began working closely on increasing our campus's awareness to our local community. NBC's debut event, the Military Ministry Summit, specifically reached out to our local military agencies, churches, and Christian leaders. The ongoing mission is to: encourage ministry leaders through networking, mentoring, and modeling, educate ministry leaders through seminars and resources, and empower ministry leaders through resources and partnerships.

The Military Ministry Summit was held as a one-day event and focused its efforts to mentor military personnel and their families by bringing leaders, organizations, and sponsors together. I am pleased to announce that around 30 military service agencies were present, and over 100 churches were represented. During the event, incredible speakers like Marshele Carter Waddel, and John Register moved our guests with their inspirational speeches.

Under the direction of Dr. Jay Ott, Vice President for Marketing and Recruitment, and many other influential people, they feel there is a significant opportunity for NBC to connect with the military and Christian leaders not only throughout our community, but nationally as well. Lastly, it is expected that the summit will be held yearly and is only the beginning of what this upcoming and flourishing organization for the military will be able to offer.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 09/16/2011

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