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Archived Entries

Archived Entries

NBC's Inside Information

Military Ministry Summit Comes to NBC Campus

Under the leadership of Nazarene Bible College's President Harold B. Graves Jr., the President's Cabinet gathers on a regular basis to discuss important matters regarding our Christian college. The rest of the cabinet consists of our school's Vice Presidents that include; Dr. Gary W. Streit, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Jay W. Ott, Vice President for Marketing and Recruitment, Dr. Laurel L. Matson, Vice President for Student Development and Registrar, and Mr. J. Michael Arrambide, Vice President for Finance.

On September 20, 2011, the cabinet discussed and approved a new enrollment grant with the intentions to be given to new degree seeking students enrolling in the Winter Trimester. The benefits this grant holds are monumental. The Enrollment Grant will be for new degree-seeking students who enroll in two courses during the winter 2011 trimester. Keep in mind, there are different requirements for online and campus students. To explain further, new online students must enroll in Winter A or Winter B. Their second course would then be in the following session. For new campus students, they will need to enroll in two courses during the Winter Term. In addition, financial aid will apply the grant to students' tuition account.

The Enrollment Grant will be in effect immediately through enrollment deadlines. For online, applications began being accepted September 21, 2011 and will no longer be accepted after January 11, 2012. For campus, you must apply between September 21, 2011 and December 5, 2011, meaning the deadline is significantly shorter. Lastly, the grant will be one-half of the tuition cost of one degree course at NBC. I must say, I am very pleased with this decision and cannot wait to see the impact is has on our student's Christian education. Finally, thank you to the cabinet for making the initiative to provide our student's with another great tool to acquire success.

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Archived Entries