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Archived Entries

Archived Entries

Birthday Bash


Last Friday was an amazing day at the college. A few weeks ago everyone had received an email letting us know that we were having a get together to celebrate birthdays during lunch. Many of the staff have been privileged to go to these events throughout the years, but because we haven't had them for a while, many new employees haven't had the opportunity.

We started off by praying for the food that was provided and then thanked the people that had helped to organize this event. We all gathered around tables where everyone chatted about their day and the plans they had for the weekend. One by one each and everyone began to get up and flock to tables filled with fresh corn bread and an assortment of stews and soups. Everyone sat down again and enjoyed a wonderfully prepared meal and waited patiently for the fun to begin.

Once everyone was fully satisfied and filled to the brim with delicious food and desserts, they began to call out the names of staff that had birthdays in the resent months. Every individual got a gift, a map of the city and funny story behind their birth date. As they went down the line of people, everyone found it very humorous and joyful.

After everyone sat back down, President Harold Graves stood up and began to let everyone know just how appreciative he was of everyone. Telling everyone how he loves our dedication to NBC and the support that we have for one another. He informed us about new and exciting things that we will be promoting in the near future. Others also stood up and gave in-depth information on some of the topics President Graves had previously talked about.

It was a great time for fellowship and gathering of all the administration, faculty, and staff on campus. It was incredible to hear all the good news that President Graves had to talk about. We are deeply blessed to have such an amazing President running Nazarene Bible College. We hope to continue this tradition for years to come.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 02/17/2012

Archived Entries