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Nazarene Bible College




General Information

Protocol for Attire

WOMEN – Dress, or nice slacks and blouse; dress shoes or dress sandals (no tennis shoes or flip-flops).

MEN – White dress shirt and tie (suit coat is optional); dress slacks; dress shoes (no tennis shoes or flip-flops).

Do not attach flowers, jewelry, adornments, or messaging on the outside of your commencement regalia.

You may not carry anything during the processional (including purses, cameras, or mobile phones). There will not be any reserved location to store purses or valuables during the ceremony. Please plan accordingly by securing all personal items and/or valuables prior to line-up.


The diploma cover received at Commencement is the cover to retain for your official diploma, but does not contain your official diploma, but a congratulatory note instead.

Your degree is granted at the conclusion of the term in which all your degree requirements are fulfilled. After all financial obligations have been met, your official diploma will be ordered and shipped in six weeks to the address on file from your graduation application.

Seating for Family and Friends

Sanctuary doors open for Commencement at 2 pm. NBC will abide by our host facility’s current local COVID-19 public meeting guidelines including any prescribed facial coverings and/or social distancing for seating arrangements. All family and guests should arrive at 2 pm in order to select their seating area within the current group size limits. Ushers have been instructed to seat people within the unreserved designated public seating areas. There is no private reserving of seats available.

Please help us by informing your family and friends ahead of time, and making arrangements to sit within you “safe group cells” of immediate household members as much as possible.

Photography and Videography

Graduates may not carry or use a camera or cell phone during the Commencement Service. Your family and friends are welcome to take photos at all events while encouraged not to disturb the ceremony or prevent others from enjoying the service.

Instruct the person taking pictures for you to move to the designated area near the left front side of the sanctuary. They may move into socially-distanced pre-marked positions for taking photos as you receive your diploma, then quickly move on to allow room for others to do the same.

Videographers must practice social distancing while using the designated area behind the audience seating.

The Commencement ceremony is professionally videotaped and will be livestreamed and available for viewing on the NBC website.


Graduates, family, and friends, should plan to park in the lower level north parking lot of Central Church unless handicap parking is required.