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Nazarene Bible College


Early Education

Early Education




The A.A.Min. degree with a concentration in Early Education (E.E.) is a 64-semester-hour program designed to prepare the graduate for teaching in various preschool settings. Students may complete the Child Development Associates (CDA) credential as part of the program, or document prior completion for course credit.

Early Education


Completion of this program should enable the student to:

  • Support the physical, intellectual, and spiritual development and competence of children based upon a biblical view of children and their development.
  • Encourage the social and emotional development of young children through responsive care and positive guidance.
  • Establish safe, healthy learning environments for young children.
  • Establish positive cooperative relationships with families.
  • Use appropriate management strategies for purposeful need-based programming.
  • Maintain a commitment to professionalism and personal development through involvement in professional organizations, networking, and resource development.

Course Requirements

General Education

Course Course DescriptionHours
  28 hours
ENG-1013 English Composition I 3
ENG-1023 English Composition II 3
GEN-1003 Lifelong Learning Skills 3
HIS-2023 Western World/Emerging Modern Society 3
MTH-1003 General Mathematics 3
PSY-1013 Introduction to Psychology 3
SCI-2013 General Physical Science 3
SPE-1003 Principles of Public Speaking 3
THE-3013 Introduction to Christian Thought 3
  General Studies Elective 1

Bible and Theology

Course Course DescriptionHours
  9 hours
BIB-1013 Introduction to the Old Testament 3
BIB-1023 Introduction to the New Testament 3
BIB-2003 Biblical Interpretation 3

Courses Specific to the Early Education Concentration

Course Course DescriptionHours
EDU-2013 Child Development 3
EDU-4623 Philosophy of Christian School Education 3
EDU-4653 Methods in Teaching Reading and Writing 3
EDU-4661 Integrating Reading & Literature I 1
EDU-4671 Integrating Reading & Literature II 1
EDU-4681 Integrating Reading & Literature III 1
PAS-1023 Spiritual Formation 3
CEM-3113 Children's Ministries 3

CDA Requirement

Students enrolled in this program will either document completion of the requirements for a Child Development Associates (CDA) credential or complete the requirements by enrolling in the following three courses. A $20.00 posting fee (per credit hour) will be assessed for those students verifying prior completion of the CDA credential.

Course Course DescriptionHours
  27 hours
EDU 2011 Early Education Competency 1
EDU 2016 Methods in Early Education 6
EDU 2022 Early Education Practicum 2

Total required for graduation 64 hours