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Nazarene Bible College


Hispanic Pastoral Ministries

Hispanic Pastoral Ministries




The A.A.Min. degree with a concentration in Hispanic Pastoral Ministries is a 78-semester-hour program designed for persons who wish to prepare for service as a pastor, evangelist, or missionary. Completion of this program fulfills educational requirements for ordination as elder in the Church of the Nazarene.

Christian Educational Ministries


Completion of this program should enable students to:

  • Grow and mature in wholeness and holiness as persons and pastors.
  • Promote evangelism and community engagement as the priority of pastoral ministry.
  • Conduct culturally relevant worship as a celebration of God in His supreme worth.
  • Communicate the gospel in contextually appropriate ways, resulting in the transformation of the hearer.
  • Lead and administrate a local church to carry out its unique Christian mission.
  • Practice pastoral care in a manner that ministers to human need in the congregation and the community.
  • Develop an intentional vocational foundation for a financially sustainable ministry.

Course Requirements

General Education

Course Course DescriptionHours
  22 hours
GEN-1001 Introduction to Online Learning (Online)1
GEN-1003 Lifelong Learning Skills (Online)3
HIS-2013 The Western World/Ancient/Medieval Times3
HIS-2023 The Western World/Emerging Modern Society3
PAS-1023 Spiritual Formation3
PHI-4013 Philosophy and Christian Ethics3
ESP-1013 Spanish Composition I3
THE-1043 Exploring Christian Holiness3

Bible and Theology

Course Course DescriptionHours
  21 hours
BIB-1013 Introduction to the Old Testament3
BIB-1023 Introduction to the New Testament3
BIB-1033 Biblical Interpretation3
THE-1033 Tracing the Story of God3
THE-3023 Systematic Theology I3
THE-3033 Systematic Theology II3
THE-4053 The Theology of John Wesley3

Courses Specific to Hispanic Pastoral Ministries Concentration

Course Course DescriptionHours
  35 hours
CEM-2133 Leadership of Christian Educational Ministries3
OTR-2033 Communicating Gospel in Pluralistic World3
OTR-4033 Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally3
OTR-4043 Introduction to Church Planting3
OTR-4093 Declaring the Gospel of God as Evangelism3
PAS-2013 The Practice of Christian Ministry3
PAS-2023 History and Polity of the Church of the Nazarene3
PAS-3023 Pastoral Care and Counseling3
PAS-3033 Christian Preaching I3
PAS-4023 Church Administration and Finance3
PAS-4092 Supervised Ministry Experience2
PSY-4083 Leadership3

Total required for graduation 78 hours

Students seeking ordination in the Church of the Nazarene should note that the individual districts have autonomy in determining which courses fulfill the educational requirements and student readiness for ordination. In some cases, the District Board of Ministry may require additional coursework before recommending assembly action to graduate the candidate from the Course of Study.