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Nazarene Bible College


Department of Education

Department of Education

Peer-to-Peer Use

The use of peer-to-peer (p2p) or other "file sharing" applications to distribute copyrighted digital material is strictly prohibited.

  • Copyright infringement is illegal and subject to federal and civil prosecution.
  • Recent activities have made the FBI and other federal agencies aggressively track this area of copyright infringement. All copyright infringement is illegal. Furthermore, due to widespread abuse, the prosecution for this form has been relentlessly pursued and punishments have been especially severe.
  • To ensure complete compliance with MPAA and RIAA federal requirements, Nazarene Bible College has a no tolerance position on distributing copyrighted digital material in any form.

The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires colleges and universities to review legal alternatives to downloading copyrighted material and to make this information available to students. The list at the bottom of this page includes some popular and legal online services. No endorsement or evaluation is intended.