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Nazarene Bible College


Bible and Theology

Bible and Theology





The B.A.Min. degree with a Bible and Theology major is the primary degree offered to persons who desire a program in preparation for graduate work in a related content area or to support ministry in fields or organizations supportive of the mission of the church and the redemptive work of God in this world. This program provides extensive training in the exegetical study of Christian Scripture and the theological content flowing from scriptural sources. Students completing this program will have an advanced understanding of biblical literature, will possess strong exegetical skills, and will gain theological understandings applicable to contemporary ministry and social issues. Persons may fulfill education requirements for ordination as elder in the Church of the Nazarene by taking additional courses as listed at the end of this section.

Bible and Theology


Completion of this program should enable the student to:

  • Identify the intended message of biblical passages.
  • Demonstrate exegetical skill in the interpretation of biblical texts.
  • Relate the message of the biblical text to a contemporary audience.

Program Requirements (Traditional Structure)

General Education Core Requirements

Course Course DescriptionHours
    45 hours
  English Language/Communication 6
  (composition course with research component required) 
  Social Sciences 6
  Humanities 3
  Science 3
  Math 3
  History 3
GEN-1003 Lifelong Learning Skills 3
SPE-1003 Principles of Public Speaking 3
THE-1023 Spiritual Formation 3
THE-3013 Introduction to Christian Thought 3
  General Education Electives 9

Bible and Theology Core Requirements

Course Course Description Hours
    30 hours
BIB-1013 Introduction to the Old Testament 3
BIB-1023 Introduction to the New Testament 3
BIB-2003 Biblical Interpretation 3
BIB-2013 Pentateuch 3
BIB-2033 New Testament Gospels 3
BIB-3013 Hebrew Prophets or 3
  BIB-3023 Poetic and Wisdom Literature or  
  BIB-3123 O.T. Historical Books  
BIB-3053 Pauline Epistles or 3
  BIB 3063 Book of Acts  
THE-2013 Doctrine of Holiness 3
THE-3023 Systematic Theology I 3
THE-3033 Systematic Theology II 3

Courses Specific to the Bible and Theology Major

Course Course DescriptionHours
  17 hours
 Electives or Minor Courses28 hours
BIB-3013 Hebrew Prophets or 3
  BIB-3023 Poetic and Wisdom Literature or  
  BIB-3123 O.T. Historical Books  
BIB-3053 Pauline Epistles and 3
  BIB-3063 Book of Acts  
BIB/THE Bible (BIB) or Theology (THE) course not otherwise required 3
OTR-2013 Global Evangelism 3
PAS-4092 Senior Ministry Integration 2
SPE-3003 Oral Interpretation 3

120 hours total required for graduation

Ordination Education Requirements

Persons may fulfill education requirements for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene either as elder or deacon by completing the following courses in addition to the major in Bible and Theology (Traditional Structure). Please be advised, districts may require additional coursework.

Course Course DescriptionHours
  24 hours
CEM-2133 Leadership of Christian Educational Ministries 3
OTR-4013 Developing a Missional Church 3
PAS-2013 The Practice of Christian Ministry 3
PAS-2023 History and Polity of the Church of the Nazarene 3
PAS-3023 Pastoral Care and Counseling 3
PAS-3033 Christian Preaching I 3
PAS-3043 Christian Preaching II 3
PAS-4023 Church Administration and Finance 3