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NBC offers student email accounts using SurgeMail SMTP software because it is secure, easy to manage, and does a great job stopping spam.

Student Email

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The use of peer-to-peer (p2p) or other "file sharing" applications to distribute copyrighted digital material is strictly prohibited.

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News and Events

Church Ministry Openings

Ministry position :  Teachers/ Teaching Assistants (We provide housing, utilities…

Communicator Posted Tue May. 26

The Church’s Response

Substance abuse is prevalent and destructive. How should the church respond? Take a look…

Communicator Posted Mon Jul. 06

Freedom through a Relationship with Christ

Let us mediate on the spiritual freedom through our relationship with Christ. Here are…

Communicator Posted Mon Jul. 06

Orientation and Fall Classes

Hello Everyone, We hope you are having a great summer with family and friends! …

Communicator Posted Mon Jul. 06

Journey from Musician to Pastor

From a very early age, I could be found for hours sitting at the windowsill playing the…

Communicator Posted Mon Jul. 06

Spiritual Knowledge

As co-director of the Bible and Theology program, I would like to extend my heartfelt…

The Torch Posted Fri May. 15

Pastoral Ministry Graduates

Pastoral Ministry Graduates Class of 2020 Congratulations on completing your…

The Torch Posted Fri May. 15

Accomplishment Beginnings

Yes, you still are being graduated even though there is no ceremony per se. Yes, you…

The Torch Posted Fri May. 15

Golden Cords Distinguish NBC Honors Graduates

Graduating from Nazarene Bible College is an achievement and an honor. To recognize those…

The Torch Posted Fri May. 15