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Student Email

NBC offers student email accounts using SurgeMail SMTP software because it is secure, easy to manage, and does a great job stopping spam.

Student Email

P2P File Sharing

The use of peer-to-peer (p2p) or other "file sharing" applications to distribute copyrighted digital material is strictly prohibited.

Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

News and Events

Stewardship Sermon Scholarship 2017-2018

Stewardship Ministries recognizes the importance of teaching and preaching stewardship.

Communicator Posted Tue Mar. 20

NBC's Vice President for Enrollment Management

Dr. David Church spent 36 years at General Motors working as a trained mechanical…

The Torch Posted Tue Feb. 13

Featured Research: The Typical NBC Student

At the right are two diagrams that reflect the makeup of our NBC student body. These two…

The Torch Posted Wed Feb. 14

The Potential of 5,000

NBC’s closest denominational partner is the Church of the Nazarene, and because of…

The Torch Posted Wed Feb. 14

Transcript Evaluation - A New Initiative Offered to Our Districts

The NBC Enrollment Management team is hard at work providing resources for those called…

The Torch Posted Wed Feb. 14

Visits With District Ministerial Studies Boards

The NBC Enrollment Management Team is connecting with districts and licensed pastors by…

The Torch Posted Wed Feb. 14

The Top 10 USA Churches With Local Licensed Ministers

NBC’s Enrollment Management Team is also looking at ways to connect with local…

The Torch Posted Wed Feb. 14

The NBC Enrollment Management Team

The NBC Enrollment Management Team : Dr. David Church – Vice President for…

The Torch Posted Thu Feb. 15

2018 Commencement Schedule

Saturday, May 26, 2018 Commencement Rehearsal Meal Springs First Church of the…

Communicator Posted Mon Jan. 29