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Nazarene Bible College



The Key to Learning
The Key to Learning

Student Chat: Success in Mind

I am blessed to be a part of NBC. I am learning so much, and am grateful for all your staff, including instructors, who always have our best to succeed, in mind. I have taken many courses, and each class instructor is unique in their own way of style, communication, and involvement. But in each of these, Jesus Christ, is demonstrated to me every day. What a difference this makes in a learning environment.

I am enrolled at NBC to obtain a degree in Counseling for Christian Ministries, and at the same time, undertaking the track for the Ministry Preparation Program (MPP) with the goal of ordination. My passion is Christian Education and Discipleship.

 I am a member of the church staff, facilitating Divorce Care for Adults, a Sunday School Teacher for Young Adults, and a vocalist in Worship.

I am blessed indeed.

Eunice Valle, NBC student and Associate Pastor Clearlake Church of the Nazarene

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 05/13/2019

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