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Spiritual Conversation
Spiritual Conversation

Easier than you think!

Entering into spiritual conversations is easier than you think.  One of the best examples is Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well in Samaria.  A conversation about water from the well turned into an opportunity to speak of eternal life.

Last week, at lunch in the Charlottesville area, just as I was about to pray over our meal, our server approached the table. In a simple and matter of fact way I said to her, “I’m about to pray a prayer of thanks for this food and I would be glad to pray for you also. How could I pray for you?”

Immediately, as if she were hoping someone would ask, she replied, “Please pray for my brother, my financial situation and my job!”  “Ashley, I’ll be glad to pray for you!”

A few minutes later she stopped by the table to say, “I really appreciate you offering to pray for me.”  And a few minutes later she stopped by our table again to add, “When I was a child I was very sure that God was there all the time.  Recently I’ve been having lots of doubts. Just this week I asked God to give me a sign that he was present in my life. Thank you for asking to pray for me. ”

My privilege that day was to sow seeds of hope and faith.  Ashley was encouraged and so was I.  I don’t always ask my server this same question, but I try to listen to the voice of Spirit. There is more to her story, but suffice it to say God used her and me in this conversation, which was natural and very easy.

Entering into spiritual conversations is a lot easier than you think. Ask God to help you. Our world is looking for people who genuinely care and are willing to engage. And share your stories with others. They will encourage others too.

For Others and for His Glory

By Dr. J. Phillip Fuller, Superintendent Virginia District and NBC Chairman of the Board of Trustees 

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 05/20/2019

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