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It Is Your Turn Now
It Is Your Turn Now

Reflections on a 2019 Graduate

*Taken from an email written to the graduate.

It was great to finally meet you in person after many years of talking to each other on the phone! I’m so glad that you and your sister were able to come out for graduation. After all your hard work, perseverance, and commitment…. you finished your program! I know that our Lord is so proud of you, and I am as well. You “deserved” to be here and to experience the reward for your honoring God’s Call upon your life here at NBC! What a special moment! Now you will have wonderful memories that you and your sister will never forget, cherish, and have for a lifetime, and again, you are most deserving! You and I both know that there were times when you felt like quitting, but you didn’t surrender to discouragement. Good for you! You have “earned” this special honor!

Regarding your remarks that I was able to help you along the way…well, that means everything to me. Now…. it’s your turn to “pay it forward” and encourage others, ok? That’s what ministry is all about! I read somewhere many years ago that the word “minister” in Latin means “to help.” So, now that you’ve had all these years of preparation here at NBC, take what you have learned and will be learning (it’s a constant) to reach out and help others in Jesus’ name! Amen? Amen!

By Dr. Gary W. Haines, NBC National Alumni Public Relations & Recruiting Representative

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 05/28/2019

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