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Nazarene Bible College



Set Apart for the Work
Set Apart for the Work

NBC Annual Offering 2019-2020

The Nazarene Bible College offering is very important to the mission of the college. It is our joy and responsibility to prepare God’s called ones for ministry.

You need to know how much we appreciate our relationship with local churches and pastors.This annual offering may be taken and sent in at any time during the assembly year!

Why participate in the annual offering for Nazarene Bible College? That’s a good question. You will note there is not an educational budget for NBC. We depend upon Nazarene Churches across the United States to give something in the annual offering. Without the help of our churches, the cost of preparing a ministry student would increase by nearly forty percent!  I am sure you will agree that the debt of a student loan can be quite a burden and a potential discouragement to a new pastor.

Some have asked if the church should continue to receive a Bible College offering since the college is transitioning from a campus-based program. The answer is YES. Our students depend upon your support. Nazarene Bible College continues to lead the way in preparing pastors for the Church of the Nazarene across the United States. Your support of the annual offering helps to prepare a new generation of pastors for the Church.

You’ll find promotional materials and information for giving at or send your offering to the NBC administrative offices: Nazarene Bible College, 17001 Prairie Star Parkway, Suite 300, Lenexa, KS 66220.

This year’s theme is taken from Acts 13:2 “Set Apart for the Work to Which I Have Called Them.” God is calling and His set-apart ones are preparing for the work in which they have been called. 

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 10/08/2019

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