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Suzanne and Joe Bennett with Dr. Harold Graves at Florida District Advance
Suzanne and Joe Bennett with Dr. Harold Graves at Florida District Advance

Ministry Testimony from NBC student Suzanne Bennett

In June, we started a ministry called Sunday Dinner at Dad’s. This is where we serve Sunday dinner to anyone who wants to come. It began because we heard that in our town, people could can get a free meal every day except for Sundays. It bothered Joe and I so much that there was no meal for them on Sunday, that we started cooking and serving homemade meals from 2-4pm every Sunday. Now when I say homemade, I mean Home-Made! Every week is themed. We have had Mexican, Italian, Breakfast-for Dinner, American classics (Sloppy Joes and Salisbury steak), German Oktoberfest, Israeli for Rosh Hashanah themes and more.

With a few days’ word-of-mouth advertising and prayer, the first Sunday we served 45 people with an average of 5-8 new people also attending our church services. I am so excited to share that we have grown from 2 members in June to 12 members! We have had 9 new Nazarenes, 2 transfers, 2 salvations, and 1 baptism! And last Sunday, we served 96 people!!! It is incredible what God is doing here in Crestview! Please continue praying for wisdom and provision.

Because we are doing this every week, we are trying to ensure we are meeting legal requirements; The men say we need commercial kitchen items, freezers, etc. I am personally praying for a ready-to-go food truck, so we can take the food to the people too.

I believe I am in my third year at NBC because I have completed just over half the required credits for a B.A. in Christian Education. I work this ministry full time, as the pastor’s wife. My husband, Joe Bennett, graduated from NBC last Spring with his B.A. in Pastoral Ministries and is now attending Trevecca online for his M.A. in Theology.

Suzanne Bennett, NBC student

*Editor’s Note:

Their ministry brochure has this printed in it about the “Sunday Dinner at Dad’s” - This is a time when we prepare whatever our Father provides, then we serve and share Sunday Dinner. Everyone is welcome, and ANYONE who is hungry for physical and/or spiritual food (as well as fellowship) is welcome!

Here is another one of the key phrases in their bulletin about Crestview Church of the Nazarene: The place for those who don't want to just do church on Sunday mornings, but whose desire it is to be the Church every day!

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 11/04/2019

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