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Students Express Thanks
Students Express Thanks

The Miracle of Thanksgiving

Lord, only one in ten returned to give thanks or so the story goes about the lepers you healed. It is tragic but I confess, Lord, that is probably my percentage compared to the times I ought to be thanking you.

Life has its down turns when I am moved to pray, but it has more joy and therefore more cause to rejoice with thanksgiving. In my life I am discovering deeper thanks, or perhaps understanding more what giving thanks is all about, as I experience life in more profound dimensions.

I’ve been thinking more too about the countless millions who are more justified than me in keeping their thanksgiving in. Those whose children cry at night from pain, those whose parents die too soon.

When the world seems devoid of hope, it is hard to give thanks. Realistically, I cannot blame them. Yet, I hear of many who faithfully stay together helping one another, who, despite living in the streets and eating the discards of others, sacrifice what they have so others may survive. For these I give thanks.

I hear of others who despite persecution and risk of death stay to minister and serve the poor and hungry in your name, all the while giving thanks for your love and bounty. For these I give thanks.

To the one leper who returned and gave thanks you said, “Your faith has made you well.” Your salvation brought healing which restored him to God. Now clean he could find meaningful work and return to a full life.

Oh, the miracle of thanksgiving brought to us in the lessons of life. Praise and majesty be yours, Lord. For the healing of thanksgiving, thank you, Amen.

From Visions of a World Hungry by Thomas G. Pettepiece

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 11/25/2019

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