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Nazarene Bible College



One Course Closer to Fulfilling Your Call
One Course Closer to Fulfilling Your Call

Free College Course

In Case You Have Not Heard! As soon as a Nazarene church board provides an individual with a local license, that person is eligible for a free NBC college course!

This offer is valid to any Nazarene member who:  

  • has a local or district license
  • has never received a free course from NBC
  • is not currently a NBC student

Who do you know that needs to be an NBC student and would find this offer timely? Help a student pursue their call by letting them know about this free course offer.

NBC Admissions can help your friend: 719-884-5060 or

Only three steps to follow for receiving a free course! (See attached photo)


Filed Under: Communicator Published: 12/03/2019

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